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Island Getaway Candle Melts


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Let your favorite scents fill your home and curate just the right atmosphere with Poofy Organics’ Candle Melts. Imagine the waves of a beach in the Caribbean crashing on your doorstep with this uniquely tropical scent. 

Note: this product is not certified organic

Product Weight: 3 oz. 

Total: 6 cubes. Burn time is approximately 25-30 hours per cube.


Island Getaway Candle Melts $8.00

5 Stars Based on 3 Review(s)

Donna of South Carolina
- 5 Stars
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Only These Melts

March 25,2021

I love the Poofy candle melts and the Island Getaway is a great scent that makes me feel I’m  on vacation. It’s clean and tropical. These melts do not get so strong that I feel sick- which everything else I’ve tried makes me sick- probably because of the harmful fragrance additives.  I love that I can use these and not worry how they are affecting my body and hormones.  I will never go back to anything else.
Annette of Michigan
- 5 Stars
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A Tropical Retreat

March 25,2021

These candle melts are one on my favorite products from Poofy. I love the scent and it makes my house smell amazing!  These candle melts also are so aromatic.  One of my many favs!
Angela of Illinois
- 5 Stars
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Tropical sweetness

January 11,2020

This is a great scent to make you feel like you are in a tropical paradise.  
I love these natural smells and make me feel relaxed.  I do not get headaches from these candle melts, like sprays that have fragrance or synthetic scents).
Since this is made out of Coconut wax, it can be used as a lotion after the scent is gone. Multi-uses for the candle melts!

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