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Medieval Blend All Purpose CLEANER Organic


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Cleaning has never smelled so sweet! Our USDA Certified Organic cleaner formula works for kitchens, bathrooms, tile, tub, stainless steel, living rooms and glass & mirrors too! Our Organic Essential Oils of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Tea Tree, and Fir come together to create a balance of warm scents that are sure to bring comfort into your home. For better results, include the use of vinegar or peroxide alongside this product. Be sure to shake before use.

Note: USDA Certified Organic

Product Weight: 16 oz.

"'I just wanted to thank you for the AMAZING all-purpose cleaner you make! Spirited mint- love it!! I am a cleaning lady and I truly appreciate not having to use chemicals. My clients appreciate it as well. At first I was anxious about using something natural, but within minutes of using your spray, I was hooked! The homes I clean smell wonderful and they are REALLY REALLY CLEAN! I am amazed how I can move from room to room cleaning everything no matter what the surface is!' - Mary Ann, Cincinatti OH


Medieval Blend All Purpose CLEANER Organic $15.00

4 Stars Based on 7 Review(s)

Lisa of Florida
- 5 Stars
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Cleans and smells good!

December 5,2020

I love this cleaner.  The ingredients are safe.  It works.  And it smells great...not too strong at all!  I can tell when conventional cleaners are used...I immediately start coughing.  I have no coughing trigger at all with this cleaner!!
Full disclosure: I’m leaving this review as part of a $5 coupon giveaway for leaving a review on any product.  The actual contents of this review,  however, are not influenced by the giveaway.
Joshua of New York
- 5 Stars
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My fabulous Cleaner!

October 4,2020

I have a few bottles of this cleaner in different rooms of my home. This works great on everything, absolutely everything! I like the scent and how many different surfaces I can clean with just one cleaner.
Jamie of Minnesota
- 4 Stars
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Huge fan!

November 7,2018

We love this cleaner in our house. I use it for absolutely everything-countertops, windows, mirrors, tile floors, wood floors, and the stove. It does a great job cleaning up all kinds of messes and spills and doesn't leave streaks behind. I love the way that it smells! It isn't overpowering at all and doesn't have a fume effect. I also love that I can spray it on my countertops and that I can confidently prepare food on those countertops shortly after without fearing what I am exposing myself and my family to. My daughter loves to help clean and I don't worry about her using this product at all. I have been nesting like crazy as we await our next baby and I will clean all day long with this and I don't get a headache or dizzy like I would with even other "natural" cleaners we've used in the past.
Gail of Georgia
- 2 Stars
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The scent is very overwhelming

September 28,2018

I've tried using this cleaner in our kitchen and unfortunately can't get past the scent.  It's a very strong smell that lingers, and to me it's not a very pleasant smell.  I even had a brief panic attack when I walked into the room and wondered what the strong musty/smokey smell was when I realized it was the counter tops.  I did like how well the cleaner appeared to work on the sink, but found that it left the granite counter tops with a slightly oily feel.  Overall disappointed by this product.
Katie of Alabama
- 5 Stars
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September 8,2018

I love this product so much! Its so great having a peace of mind with safe products with little kiddos. I will never use another cleaner. 5 stars!
Loren of Alabama
- 4 Stars
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Love the natural scent

March 28,2018

The first thing i looooove about this cleaner is the scent. It smells mostly of clove and citrus to me, which blends so beautifully IMO. it works great for counters and floors. I even cleaned my glass sliding door yesterday and it didnt leave it foggy like other all purpose sprays have done in the past, although i prefer straight vinegar for glass. and it is superb for cleaning my bath tub, bc my bathroom doesn't have a fan or vent or anything, so when I clean the tub, whatever I spray just drowns me in chemical odors. but not this stuff! i used waaay more than i needed to probably though, bc i didn't let it sit to work long enough (bc i was in a rush and im naturally impatient) and i tried scrubbing with just a wash cloth and that wasn't great. but when i grabbed a sponge to finish, it was sooo much easier and quicker. but the biggest plus out of all is the fact that all of the ingredients are safe, so i don't have to worry about my kids soaking in a residue bath, or chewing on toys cleaned with toxic sprays.
Melissa of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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Super Cleaner!

January 30,2018

I love the new Medieval All Purpose Cleaner. It's so versatile, toxic-free and smells fabulous. I can really smell the cinnamon & lemon organic essential oils. I use it to clean my kitchen & bathroom counters, cabinets, & floors. My kids happily use it to wash the windows & doors. Talk about pure peace of mind. Thank you Poofy for making us another superior product.

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